Over 50,000 residents of Nasarawa State are currently enrolled with the Nasarawa State Health Insurance Agency (NASHIA).

NASHIA’s Executive Secretary, Dr. Gaza Gwamna announced when he gave an update on the agency’s program at a press conference in Lafia, capital of Nasarawa state.

However, the NASHIA Executive Secretary stated that due to the state Treasury’s delay in starting deducting salaries and claims of state officials and retirees to fund the program, only the informal sector has begun access to health services under the program obtain .

THISDAY found that organized labor in the state had recently agreed that monthly deductions of three percent of basic wages for workers and one percent of pensioners’ benefits should begin immediately and be transferred to the agency to allow these groups of people access to health care Statutory health insurance benefits.

However, the Executive Secretary noted that those who had previously enrolled in the informal sector to benefit from the program were mostly the weak; especially almajiri children, orphans and the elderly, whose bills were financed by the state government and private organizations.

Gwamna praised organized labor in the state for participating in the program, but noted that officials and retirees would have access to health services under the agency once their wages were deducted to fund the program.

He said, “We have registered all orphanages in Nasarawa State. These children are covered by health insurance funded by the state government. Because of the good heart of Governor Abdullahi Sule, we did the same with al’majiri children.

“To date we have enrolled around 51,000 people, and not all of them have paid their premium. We have some of them whose premium has been paid by the federal government while others have their premium paid by the state government, which is the efforts of the federal government.

“Then we have some of the enrollments whose bounties have been paid by some NGOs. People who have paid their bounty and can go to the hospital and get health services currently cost about N32,000,” Gwamna said.