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Do you have comprehensive household insurance? It is more important than ever that you review your policy. According to a study by Quotezone, the drops increase by 10% every year between June and August. See what’s behind the summer burglary boom and the home insurance you need to protect your property during the holidays.

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The summer burglary boom

With the Covid-19 pandemic keeping us at home for so long, the summer months are a chance for thieves to make up for “lost time” this year by targeting empty homes when we go on vacation. Worryingly, however, Quotezone noted the following:

  • 73% of the British do not have a burglar alarm
  • More than half of us do not live in an area that is monitored by the neighborhood guard

In other words, our homes are vulnerable, which is why you need proper home insurance to protect your valuables. But does your home contents insurance cover break-ins abroad? Let’s take a look.

Home insurance and vacation

First, check the fine print on your home insurance. Most policies will cover you when you are only away for a week or two. But if you leave home for more than 30 days, you may be left unprotected. But don’t worry – you can simply inform your insurer about your departure and take out additional insurance cover. This can cost you a little more, but it is important that your home is properly insured.

Next, check to see what your policy actually covers. While home and home insurance usually covers some high quality items, it likely doesn’t cover all of your valuables like patio furniture. If you need extra protection, now is the time to take it out!

Finally, it is worth checking that your policy covers your valuables if you lose them on vacation. If it doesn’t, then you should look for travel insurance with gadget coverage.

How to protect your home

In addition to fully comprehensive insurance for household items, this summer you can also protect your property in the following ways:

  • Don’t tell anyone other than close friends and relatives about your vacation plans. In other words, don’t advertise your vacant house on social media – this could leave your property vulnerable.
  • Fence in your garden and always keep the gate locked.
  • Make sure you have a burglar alarm system and always check that it is working properly before leaving home.
  • Consider investing in CCTV equipment if you can afford it. Or simply put up a sign that indicates that video surveillance is in operation – this could deter intruders.
  • Use timers on your lights so that they come on at night even when you are not home.

Visit the Met Police website for more home safety hints and tips.

Household insurance: to take away

Are you going on vacation this year? If you leave the house for more than 30 days, do not forget to inform your household insurance. Otherwise you could void your policy, which you could pocket if something happens while you are away.

Make sure you have a reliable alarm system even if you are absent for a short time and keep valuables out of sight.

And finally, if you are looking for home insurance, find a good deal by checking out some price comparison sites like and MoneySuperMarket.

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