Rs 5 lakh accident insurance claim

Ranchi, Nov. 25th: Chief Minister Hemant Soren nodded to the draft Jharkhand State Journalist Health Insurance Scheme Rules-2021 document, prepared by the Department of Information and Public Relations, which is now being submitted to the State Cabinet for approval.

This would be the first time a government in Jharkhand has taken steps to notify health insurance for journalists.

This regulation applies as group insurance for media representatives, whereby the insured media representative including his / her spouse and two unmarried and dependent children at the age of 21 receives the benefit.

Media representatives working in Jharkhand state will be affiliated with health insurance. The Cabinet will now approve this proposal for a document proposal.

Under this program are editors-in-chief of the media staff, news editors, assistant editors, journalists, photojournalists, videographers, journalists and news artists and painters, etc., magazine news agency, electronic media, news media (news based websites / web portals) and as defined by The Working Journalist and other news paper Employees (Conditions of Service) and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1985. This program will take effect on the date the notice is given.

80 percent of the premium is borne by the state government and 20 percent by media representatives.

The Jharkhand State Journalist Health Insurance Scheme Rules 2021 will take the form of group insurance for media representatives. From the day the insurance commences, the insured’s media representative will receive the benefit together with his or her spouse and two unmarried and dependent children at the age of 21. The premium amount stipulated therein is paid by the state government and the insured media representative in a ratio of 80 and 20 respectively.

The accident insurance of the insured media representative is Rs.5 lakh. Apart from that, their relatives and all insured persons in connection with group harm are granted the possibility of treatment for medical expenses up to a total of five lakh rupees. This insurance plan is valid for one year and can be extended every year. At the same time, within the framework of this system, if the insured person dies in an accident, the following is provided for the insured person’s claim even in the event of his nominated member or permanent disability.

Information would have to be provided in the form specified for the claim, a copy of the FIR on file with the police, an autopsy or medical certificate and a death certificate.