Thiruvananthapuram: The health insurance system that enables cashless treatment for government employees and retirees in Kerala will finally become a reality by the New Year. The cabinet meeting scheduled for next week will approve the MEDISEP program and is expected to start from January 2022.

MEDISEP stands for health insurance for government employees and pensioners.

The annual insurance premium of Rs 6,000 is deducted from the employee’s salary in monthly installments of Rs 500.

The monthly sick pay of Rs 500 for retirees is diverted to MEDISEP.

The state government had implemented the program once in the past, but it failed. Now it is being implemented following a new tender won by the Oriental General Insurance Company.

All employees and retirees should join the insurance system. Those who have not enrolled and those who have not given the names of their loved ones should make the necessary changes and additions.

Applications should be submitted to the Chief Data Officer (CDO) by December 15. Retirees should submit their applications to the Treasury Officer.


Comprehensive health insurance coverage of up to Rs 3 lakh each year would be provided under the scheme. A higher amount is permitted in the case of serious illnesses. The cashless option will be available in hospitals according to the scheme.

Up to Rs 1.5 lakh of the unclaimed amount during the first year can be carried over to the next year. Insurance cover is provided for a hospital stay of more than 24 hours.

Up to 1,920 diseases were added to the approved list. The costs for 15 days before and after the hospital stay can also be claimed under the scheme.

Who is everything covered?

In addition to employees and pensioners, their relatives, spouses / partners, children who have not yet reached the age of 25 and children of all ages who are physically or mentally disabled are entitled to benefits.

Do not duplicate relatives

A person cannot be dependent on more than one person. Those who have not given their relatives’ names must apply by December 15, stating their names. There will no longer be any possibility of involving relatives.

Major treatment costs

* Liver transplant: Rs 18 lakh

* Bone marrow transplant: Rs 9.46 lakh

* Cochlear Implantation: Rs 6.39 lakh

* Kidney Transplant: Rs 3 lakh

* Knee replacement: Rs 3 lakh

* Hip replacement: Rs 4 lakh

* Brain surgery: Rs 18.24 lakh

* Heart and Lung Transplant: Rs 15 lakh

Where to check and update

By including the name (s) in the insurance system, you can log in to the website and enter details in the status option.

Those who need to make changes should fill out the attached application form no. 110/2021 / financial order and send it to the DDO / node officer and check whether the information provided has been updated. Retirees should submit a change request to the Treasury Officer.

People who work in funded institutions without an appointment permit would only be accepted into MEDISEP if they received such a permit.

Contact details

If in doubt, call the toll-free number: 1800-425-1857

Email: [email protected], [email protected]