Green Delta Insurance’s “Hospicash” health insurance package is now available nationwide through Robi Axiata Ltd’s rStores digital distribution system.

Customers can purchase the popular hospicash health insurance packages in the nearby network store from r-stores.

Robi Axiata Limited and Green Delta Insurance Company Ltd recently signed an agreement to this effect. As part of this partnership, two exclusive health cashback packages will be sold at a very competitive price through rStores, according to a press release.

The packages cover disability, hospitalization, surgery, OPD costs, hospice and accident benefits with a reasonable annual premium. By eliminating long journeys and filling out numerous forms, the initiative promises both retailers and end users benefits in a number of ways.

Regarding the partnership with rStore, Syed Moinuddin Ahmed, Acting General Manager and CEO of Green Delta Insurance Ltd said: “We are very excited about the partnership with Robi Axiata and the introduction of our hospice services in their 10,000+ rStores.

“While this partnership allows us to bring our hospice services to the doorstep of last mile customers who were previously withheld from such services, it will also help Robi Axiata add a new service industry to their rStores,” he added.

Shihab Ahmed, Robi’s Chief Commercial Officer, said, “The goal of rStore is to empower our retailers with the power of digitization and then provide people with access to the best digital services. This partnership with Green Delta Insurance Company Limited gives us the privilege of making another timely service available to everyone “.

rStore is Robi’s aggregator platform that enables retailers to sell products and services such as cell phones, electronics, gadgets, ticketing, cell phone top-ups, bill payments, insurance, etc. There are currently more than 10,000 rStores available in all 64 districts of the country. Enable retailers to make these services available to everyone in Bangladesh, the statement said.