Studio Output worked with Marshmallow on a new identity and digital designs to build a brand that visually reflected the company’s conscious mindset and “the experience Marshmallow offers its customers: simple, supportive and on their side”.

While the Marshmallow team already had the basics of a strong design system, Studio Output was brought in as the company was growing rapidly and wanted to “think bigger”. It took this system now to reflect Marshmallow’s evolving product experiences and ambition to enter the industry and transform it for the better.

“Marshmallow chooses to interact positively with people,” says Studio Output. “We developed a visual identity toolkit to capture this approach … The necessities don’t have to be boring – they can be inviting, nice to the touch, and even fun.”

The revised logo, redesigned website and new illustrations work together to create “charm and joy” throughout the identity. Studio Output adds, “We warmed up the system with a fun toolkit of illustrations that the Marshmallow team could inspire to develop and add all the character that makes the business so different.”

The redesign was aimed at “removing, not adding, noise” so each element has a clear purpose rather than just being there to make things look a little different or for purely decorative purposes.

“While the brand is capable of humor and light-heartedness, Marshmallow’s insurance and mission are never taken lightly,” says Studio Output. “To be a viable alternative to traditional insurance companies, we had to create a brand that people would trust. We achieved this by giving a sense of security through the visual identity with a clean feel, a grounding navy and the soft padding of the logo and ‘mallow’ shapes. “

Georgia Kent-Braham, Design Manager at Marshmallow added, “Our new brand elements allow us to be more consistent and faster with our design.”