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Compare-autoinsurance.org has published a new blog post that introduces various aspects of getting a multi-car insurance policy.

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Auto insurance is mandatory in most US states. In order to drive a car, the driver is legally obliged to take out car insurance. Every car owned by a driver must be insured. In addition, every family member who drives the cars should be listed on the insurance policy. Every state has different laws regarding the amount of insurance a driver must have. To save money on insurance, drivers who own multiple cars take advantage of the multiple car insurance plan. A multi-car insurance plan is useful for having multiple cars registered to the same address insured under a single policy.

Before taking out multi-car insurance, drivers should consider the following:

  • Multi-auto insurance plans are convenient and easy. For drivers who own several vehicles, it is much easier and more convenient to include all cars in one policy than to have several different insurance policies, possibly with different insurance companies, different payment and renewal dates and different claims experience. Everything is easier. However, drivers should know that the cars on the policy must be the property of the primary policyholder – that is, they must be on the titles of the cars. If a husband and wife own their cars and the husband is the only person listed on the title for his car and the wife is the only person listed on the title for her car, then both must get their own auto insurance their cars. However, each person in the household who drives the cars on the policy can be listed on the policy.

  • How important are family milestones? Important milestones are a good time to rethink your auto insurance plan and see if the current auto insurer still offers the best insurance for both the main driver and their family members. When adding a new, teenage driver to the policy, policyholders are advised to adjust their coverage levels. Other important milestones that can make motorists rethink their auto insurance plans are marriage, a new car or home, divorce, and more.

When taking out multiple vehicle insurance, policyholders will find that their premiums will rise even if they take advantage of the discount for multiple vehicle insurance. The more cars there are to insure, the higher their premiums. In addition, insurance companies charge higher insurance rates for poor drivers. This means that the premium is higher if one or more drivers listed in the policy have a poor driving record.

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